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We Go Beyond the Numbers.

Our winning combination of expertise, experience and attention to detail, along with outstanding value for money, has established us as a reputable and trusted accountancy practice based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, with a client base across the UK and Ireland.


You need an accountancy firm you can trust.

It does not matter if you’re are operating as a limited company, sole trader, partnership, small business, limited liability partnership, contractor, freelancer, property, investment business or are a charity we have the accountancy service you need and will look after you from the very beginning.

With David McMullan & Co Ltd, you’ll have expert advice and support so you can keep on top of your accounts and taxation with ease and no fuss.


We offer comprehensive accounting services tailored to various business structures, including sole traders, partnerships, and limited companies.


When it comes to taxation, we understand the significance of assessing the impact of all applicable taxes on your situation, rather than focusing solely on a specific tax you might be interested in evaluating.


By leveraging your business expertise alongside our comprehensive support services, your enterprise can foster growth and enhance its profitability.

Value Added Tax

Navigating the complexities of VAT can be daunting. Our expert guidance ensures seamless VAT compliance, from proper registration to accurate filing, enabling you to meet obligations effortlessly and make informed financial choices.


Managing a payroll can consume valuable time and prove intricate, drawing resources away from your business’s fundamental operations. However, we can take away this burden, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Computerised Accounting

Streamlining your accounting processes through computerisation can greatly enhance accuracy and efficiency. Our expertise can guide you in seamlessly transitioning to computerised accounts, ensuring a smooth and effective integration that optimizes your financial management.


Navigating cost analysis in business is essential for informed decision-making. Our services provide insightful cost assessments, aiding you in understanding expenses, optimizing resource allocation, and ultimately fostering better financial outcomes.


Our bookkeeping services provide meticulous tracking and organization of your financial transactions, ensuring accurate records and freeing you to focus on your core business activities.


Our ethos is to provide an exceptional tailored and unique service to all our clients.

Regardless of size, we provide robust and effective accountancy, business and tax planning services to our valued clients.

We Care about your accounting, business & taxation strategy as much as you do.

We will go beyond the numbers, helping your accounting deliver for you.

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and proactive chartered accountants. Our growth since 2006 has been driven by the recommendations of our client base, who appreciate the value we deliver with our competitive fees, alongside our commitment to offering an outstanding personal service.

David McMullan

FCA Chartered Accountant

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Why choose our company

We Listen

We take time to listen deeply to our clients aspirations and vision seeking to understand their direction. This enables us to align accounting, tax and business strategies with their unique needs and tailor bespoke services to help them achieve more.

We are always only a phone call or virtual meeting away and sometimes it is just to provide a listening and confidential ear!

We Communicate

You approach the provision of accounting services on the assumption that whilst we love numbers and accounting technical knowledge and lingo, not everyone else does!

Therefore we aim to communicate in a non-technical way, simplifying the complex areas of taxation and accounting in a way that clients and their accounting staff can relate to.

We Deliver

We have delivered not only consistent compliance services to our client base over many years, but we have had the significant privilege to help our clients plan for and achieve significant growth in their businesses including multi-million pound acquisitions, innovation in their field as well as significant returns for shareholders and stakeholders.

However, we also pride ourselves on our community contribution to the local community we operate within and make a significant contribution to the local charitable sector.

We Are Ethical

We are an highly ethical firm and place great emphasis on this principle.

We believe in corporate social responsibility and that it should be at the heart of business.

We Seek Solutions

We have never ceased in our aim to be at the forefront of accounting technology and innovation. Having experience in cloud accounting for over 15 years we have continued to advance client financial systems into to being ready for their future needs.

We enjoy finding solutions to complex problems, however we have no problem sharing knowledge with our clients and train and educate clients and their staff.

We Are Confidential

The client needs to be assured that they not only have a professional relationship based on trust, but that confidentiality is assured. We place great emphasis on client confidentiality.

We are trusted by our clients in dealing with their most sensitive information in a confidential and professional manner.

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